Saturday, March 11, 2017


     "Sitting in a classroom at Bob Jones University working on my business degree."   That is what I would have answered four years ago to the question "Where do you see yourself on your 21st birthday?" 
      That is not where I am, and that is okay. I am at home with my family, working at Quinnipiac University. I have changed and learned a lot in the last three years. I have done a lot too. I graduated Bob Jones University, moved and worked in Kansas. Moved back to CT, moved in to an apartment with Hannah. Quit one job got laid off for another. Sold a car and then bought another car. 
    God has taught me so much in the last three years. I have had lessons in being content, trust, humility, and patients. I had to be content in two not so great jobs. I had to trust God when I did not have a job. I learned humility in having to ask for help and prayer from family and others. I am learning patients in waiting on God`s timing as my dreams change to be more in line with what He has planed for me. 
    As I stand on the edge of what most call "adulthood" I look back and see how all that God has carried me through. It gives me hope and confidence for the future. That He will continue to guide my steps drawing me closer and closer to Himself. 

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