Sunday, May 11, 2014

Thank you Mom

Dear Mom,
       Thank you, I do not say it enough. Something else I do not say enough is I love you. Mom, you have given so much to me. You gave your time to me and your love. Some how no matter how down I am feeling you can always cheerer me up. You know when I need encouragement, or the hard cold facts. You taught to love God, care for others, to put the needs of others before my own, how to silently witness to those how are not open to the gospel. You taught me how to work hard at my school work, the importance of keeping my word no matter how hard, to put school work before fun. You taught me that it is okay to cry, laugh, love and fail sometimes, how to dress appropriately, how to stand firm in what I believe and to hold true to my standers. You taught me that importance of family, friends, and kids.
    You gave up so much for me. You gave up getting a big back deck so that I could follow God's will. You gave up the vacation you plan so that I could go to college. You gave up many nights of sleep to care for me and to make sure I was safe. You gave up evenings and sat in the cold so that I could learn how to train my dog.
     You instilled in me the value of honesty, modesty, hard work, and a good book. You constantly remind me to love God above anything else, and to trust him. You showed me how to honor others peoples time with being on time. You ingrained in me the the necessity of family, trust and responsibility. Happy Mothers day!!
                                                                                           with love your daughter