Sunday, October 22, 2017


      Over the last two days I have struggled with self worth and my value as a person. I though I need to take care of some one or something to give me worth. I thought after an argument with someone I care about and struggling with when my scene of worth would come from I considered getting a pet bird, yup a cockatiel to be exact. But today in church we covered the story of Zaccheus. Now this man was hated by everyone around him. His own people saw him as a turn coat, he was a tax collector. In New Testament times Tax collectors lined their pockets by lieing about the taxes owed. To add insult to injury Zaccheus was short in stancher. We are told in Luke 19 that Zaccheus was the chief tax collector, in modern vernacular the worst of the worst. But Jesus Christ still went to Zaccheus` house to share a meal and grant salvation to the man in the eyes of all those around was worthless. When we live for money, fame or anything we turn to those things for our worth and  fulfillment we never find it. But if we live for God, we turn to Him for our worth and fulfillment we find it. How can you not find worth in living for a man who died for you? If you are worth enough to die for how can you not value yourself? In this day and age the world tells us that we are to find worth in our job, wealth,  family or a relationship. Those things are fleeting, temporary but if we find our worth in God and his sacrifice on the cross it last.