Friday, January 10, 2014

Accountability and goals

     When reading  a friends blog ( she encouraged the readers to make their goals for 2014 know to those around them. So this is me going "all Rose- like" in making my goals know.

  1.  Stay on track with homework.
  2.   Take better notes in class.
          In my relationship with my God and King:

  1. Read my bible more.
  2. Do my devotions EVERY day.
  3. Spend more time in prayer and less time worrying about things out of my control.   
  4. Trust God more.
          In my relationships with people:

  1.   Keep friends and family posted is to what they can help me in prayer for.
  2.  Try to spend more time with friends.
  3. Help others when ever I can.
     Those are my goals for this up and coming year, and I wholeheartedly give every one who reads this to keep me accountable.