Monday, February 3, 2014


          Earlier today I found this video: So God made a 4-Her. And it got me to thinking about my experience as a 4-Her, I have been able to do amazing things because of and through 4-H. How many teenagers can say they know what Roberts rules of order are? or that they have been to Washington DC to speak with legislative aids for their state senates and representatives? How many people will say that they love to give speeches in public? or that they have meet other teens from all over the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico? How many are willing to help those younger then they are learn a skill? How many teens will give up their Friday nights to train a dog? I could go on for hours, listing every thing I have ever done in 4-H, but I think you get my drift.
         My mom often says that our family bleeds green. She does not mean that we are Vulcans but, rather that we are 4-Hers. To me 4-H is not just a club or an event you go to, it is more then that it is a way of life. If it were not for all my years in  4-H I may not be the person I am today, Thank you Mom and Dad for putting me and my sisters in 4-H. Thank you to all the leaders, volunteers, and everyone else in 4-H for keeping this program going.