Thursday, July 21, 2016

My plan vs Gods will

Plans are what hold me together. I love plans and planing. Every night before bed I clue mom into my plans for the next day. Every morning I find out Moms plan and reminder her of what I have going on for the day. Plans work, they are safe and have a sense of comfort to them. When my plans change suddenly or fall apart all together, I scramble to get a new plan and move forward. Sometimes this makes me angry, upset and sets me on a path of worry.  My plans are limited, I only can plan  1-3 days in advance max, Frustrating! ...


Gods will is perfect. God plans every detail of my life to work for His will and desires. I am going to let you in on a well guarded secret, God desires our lives to glorify HIM.  Shocking, trust me I know! One more secret, if you can stand it, God is good and only good can glorify Him fully. Let that soak in for  a minute. We, all of humanity, where made by God, for God. He loves us and wants what is best for us. Sometimes what is best is not what is easy. God has planed out all of eternity. Now I am not going to open the Case File labeled Free will VS Predestination. I will leave that to the Bible experts. God can plan out and know what will happen in 5 minutes, tomorrow, next month and 10 years down the road.  So the hard thing in your life at this very moment might be readying you for something down the road. One of my sisters in her schooling is working on just starting algebra. We are talking N+6+2=12 kind of stuff. She is finding it hard and wants to take the easy route and not do it right, Mom had to explain to her that what she is learning now will make what she will be learning easier. I could not face and deal with the things I am dealing with in my life if I had not gone thorough the stuff I went thorough to get here. 

I found this song to be truly encouraging in helping to work somethings out in my head. Thy Will by Hillary Scott